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Track & Field

Strasburg Indians

Track and Field 2023

Preston Mace | Strasburg HS, Strasburg, CO | MaxPrepsHead Track Coach - Cameron Schiller

Track and Field will help you improve the measurable that matters most--speed. No matter what your favorite sport is, or what position you play, speed matters.

We don't just make athletes faster. Everything we do is tied to enhancing overall athleticism.

In Field/Court sports your teammates can bail you out. This doesn't exist in track and field, and because of that, you will become a better competitor. You will learn how to push yourself to your limit and maximize your potential.

There is no substitute for competition. If you are debating between Track and Field and taking a season off, you will lose your edge. By competing in Track, you will go into your fall program more physically and mentally ready than those who take the spring season off

Many college coaches prefer multi-sport athletes. Track and Field is the most popular sport for multisport athletes.

There is a Spot for everyone. It does not matter your initial speed, strength, or athleticism you have. We will find what events are the best for you and work with you every day to improve.

Track is FUN! While we do spend time running and doing workouts, we also take time to play games and have in-practice competitions.


Our expectations are for you to be your best! This means being the best teammate, student, and athlete that you can be. We expect you to do your classwork and be a leader in the classroom. We expect you to support your teammates. Track and Field is not an individual sport; we are a TEAM. We also expect you to give us your full effort on the track or in your field events. We can help you reach your potential, but you must be ready to push yourself as far as you can.