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Strasburg United

Sponsor:  Ginia Gutierrez
Mission: The mission of the Strasburg High School Strasburg United club is to foster the continued growth of active and compassionate individuals in order to reduce intolerance, harassment/intimidation, and to promote justice in a democratic society within our school and Strasburg community.  We intend to encourage cultural awareness, appreciation, and inclusivity in the Strasburg student body. We want to create a safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment for all students.
What does diversity mean?
  • accepting others' identities
  • accepting that we are all different
  • celebrating our differences
  • breaking down divisions
  • acknowledging issues that face different groups
  • accepting that Strasburg is changing and adapting to that change
  • welcoming those who are new to our school

When we describe the ideal Strasburg HS and its students in regards to diversity, what does that look like?

  • united
  • free from harassment
  • welcoming
  • accepting
  • willing to change
  • willing to understand
  • willing to look past bias
  • open-minded
  • willing to have tough conversations
  • willing to step out of our comfort zone
  • willing to be open to new people

Youth Celebrate Diversity Conference January 2023