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Prairie Creeks High School

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Prairie Creeks High School Mission Statement:

We exist to serve the non-traditional student, who is at risk of not graduating or dropping out by role modeling positive behavior, providing a safe environment and nurturing their educational, emotional and physical well-being so that they have the skills to live life well.

"I know of no more encouraging fact than man's unquestionable ability to raise his life by conscious endeavor."

- Henry David Thoreau

CORE Values

Our CORE values represent how we view ourselves at Prairie Creeks High School, as well as how we want to be viewed by others. All of our rules, consequences, and rewards are based on these three core values:

Respect Yourself

Respect Others

Respect Property


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Contact Us

For more information, reach out to...

Thom Winter

PCHS Director

Thom Winter
(303)622-9211 ext. 871
Denice Gonzalez

PCHS Asst. Director

Denice Gonzalez
(303)622-9211 ext. 870