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Vicki Dickens

Hello Strasburg Community!  I am excited to join Strasburg High School as your Dean of Students!

     Our corridor students are very important to me, and I look forward to working with the students and staff of Strasburg this coming school year.

     I am passionate about supporting the personal, behavioral, social, and academic growth of all students. I will invest my energy to help students feel supported as they explore and find their own passions and talents during their time at SHS.

     I will work to provide a safe, inclusive, and joyful environment for our students, facilitating positive learning environments, reasonable discussions, fair treatment, and opportunities for growth and involvement.

     I look forward to supporting interim Principal Andrews’s mission of “alignment, assignment, and attitude” to promote SHS expectations and manifest a positive culture for students and staff.

     Communication and healthy partnerships are essential to all aspects of achieving this vision for SHS, so please reach out to me if there is something you need or would like to discuss.

     Thank you for welcoming me to the SHS team. I am TRIBE READY!

Mrs. Victoria Dickens